AIGA Connecticut and AIGA Unidos are pleased to share this recording of educators representing diverse interests and institutions discussing how their Latinx Heritage influences their teaching and creative practices. This panel discussion took place during Hispanic Heritage Talks 2020. A curated experience that offers a wide gamut of perspectives on the status of design from the point of view of educators whose specialties range from community engagement in displaced populations to sports branding. This culturally dynamic panel addresses the responsibility that design has towards social change and community enablement as a driving force for good. From the obstacles that affect all members of a group to the devices and mechanisms that provide design with the properties needed to change social dynamics and cultural evolution. Through this dialect, we can explore how the realities of the demographic for both the subject of study and the educator become critical points to factor as driving forces of social change.

From Concepcion, Chile to Chicago, Illinois, this panel is a progression of ethnicities and backgrounds shedding light onto what design means to education and the power of education through design. Moderator: Natacha Poggio, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, University of Houston-Downtown and founder of Design Global Change, a collaborative of creatives contributing solutions to the challenges facing society.

Panelists: Matias Ferrari, Adjunct Professor / Head of Analysis & Processes, Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo, Dean / Associate Professor of Integrated Design, Parsons School of Design Elio Leturia, Associate Professor of Journalism, Columbia College Chicago Elaine Lopez, Faculty in Graphic Design, Maryland Institute of Art Mari Matter, Creative Director, Rubberband Design Studio Omar Soza-Tzec, Assistant Professor of Design Foundations, San Francisco State University Melanie Uribe, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, Southern Connecticut State University

About AIGA Unidos and Hispanic Heritage Talks 2020: AIGA Unidos, a multi-chapter collaboration, creates a space to empower and celebrate the lives, work, stories, and needs of creatives with a Latinx and Hispanic cultural heritage. Our first event series, Hispanic Heritage Talks, features virtual talks with Latinx and Hispanic creatives of various backgrounds and disciplines.

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