I am a scholar-activist, speaker, author, and educator; known across North and South America in the design education community for my design and social impact teaching and research. I spend most of my current research time focused on the work of the DEED Lab which I co-founded and direct – researching, critiquing, and amplifying models for a more just future for indigenous artisans and their children. My most recent journal article is “Artisans & designers: seeking fairness within capitalism & the gig economy,” co-authored with economist Raphaële Chappe and published in the Colombian peer reviewed academic journal Dearq.

In 2019 I helped establish the grant-funded research initiative “Community Engagement 101,” with Evren Uzer (PI), Michele Kahane, Angelica Calabrese, and Masoom Moitra, in which we are designing the introductory curriculum every university student should experience before working with an external group of people. We are finalizing a series of online modules, after leading workshops at The New School, the Design Forge conference, and Design For America. Follow this link for documentation:

Learn more about my research on ResearchGate and the DEED Lab website.