Five outdoor light boxes created for the four-person show “Media Mix x4,” held at Art Lot in Brooklyn, Fall 2010.

Exploring the literal definition of nook, each work captures a few seconds of NYC street corners via layered photographs which are backlit.  The boxes themselves hold the images in a curve that draws from the curb of the city’s corners (softening the usual imagined 90-degree nature of a corner.)  The bases on which they sit are meant to be airy pedestals, giving the spotlight to these small urban spaces (and which glow as floating screens at night.)

A special thank you to Lorena Kraus for her assistance assembling the work, and Shaun Kasperbauer and Toshimasa Fukaya for their design and fabrication of the bases and boxes.


  • Media Mix x4, Art Lot, Brooklyn, September 12, 2010 – January 9, 2011
Created with oQey Gallery
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