Net Art Colombia: es feo y no le gusta el cursor (Net Art Colombia: it’s uglay and it doesn’t like the cursor), curated by Juan Devis, included my net artwork Tricolor v.2007 and received several in-print and online press.  The spanish newspaper El Pais wrote an article in which they specifically mention my work, “Tricolor V.2007, de Cynthia Lawson, se basan en una base de datos que se alimentan de noticias publicadas en diferentes periódicos … recopila toda la información publicada de Colombia para generar una bandera dinámica del país.” (Tricolor v.2007, from Cynthia Lawson, is based on a database fed from news published in various newspapers…it compiles all of the information published about Colombia to generate a dynamic flag for the country.)

Read the full online version of the article here.

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