Slow Landscapes

A turn to nature, inspired by its time, its speed, and its presence. We have lost the ability to see small changes around us so do we even notice that natural systems are in constant flux? Does the fastest moving glacier in the world, at 3 meters a day, seem to be in motion? While we rapidly descend snowy runs, do we realize nature is everything but static? In a body of work intended to be a retreat from the city in which it’s exhibited, I challenge viewers to wonder how often we allow ourselves to be still, and observant? An interactive video installation, digitally and physically layered photographic works, and videos of seemingly still landscapes are each an invitation for the viewer to disconnect from the city, slow down, and reconnect with nature. To be. And to be still.

Untitled (Sisga, Colombia) on Vimeo.

Documentation from the exhibition:

Slow Landscapes | 2013 | Artwork | Comments (2)

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  1. Michelle Renaud says:

    Hey I love your work, I saw your lecture at UW-Milwaukee this year. You really inspired me. I wanted to experience the videos again but none of them seem to be compatible with my computer. It may be my internet connection. Either way, you should have your website editors look at it. I use Google Chrome. Keep up the work and come back to Milwaukee soon!
    Michelle Renaud

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