slippingglimpse is a 10-part interactive regenerative Flash poem combining text with videos of ocean patterns seen along the Atlantic coast (chreods).

In a round robin of reading, the water "reads" the poem text (full-screen),

the poem text "reads" image/capture technologies (scroll-text),

and the image-capture video "reads" the water (hi-rez).

More precisely, the water reads the poem text (full-screen mode) using motion capture coding that assigns the text to locations of movement in the water;

the poem text reads image/capture technologies (scroll-text mode) by sampling and recombining words of visual artists who describe their use of digital techniques - it then explores older capture technologies, such as harvesting plants for food and flax for paper;

the image-capture video reads the water, reading for and enhancing water flow patterns (chreods) to which dynamical systems return even as they continuously change (best seen in hi-rez mode).


slippingglimpse requires the Flash player

In screens with scrolling text, click and drag the pointer to move text forward and back. Use "0" to stop it.

Making this work has made us newly aware of commonalities in code, in poetry, and in chreods. We talk about that in our essay, "Dovetailing Details Fly Apart - All Over, Again, In Code, In Poetry, In Chreods."