Digital Death

Digital Death

Follow this link if you want to watch this video. I thought it was interesting the way these celebrities are using the media for a cause… They are taking themselves off of twitter, until they can raise 1 million dollars for the AIDS foundation.Many people have taken to following their favorite celebrities on this famous social networking site, and it’s a very interesting idea, and very morbid. I believe the video can take you to the actual site for Digital Death. I also think the the goal has already been met, so they are all reinstated back on twitter, but it’s still a weird and interesting concept. Also, a great new way to raise money for a good cause.

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Simple and beautiful video

Most viral videos seem to be in HD or at least enhanced by technology. Yes, some amazing videos have been produced in this manner, but its refreshing to see a video with a simple concept be so powerful. Equipt with only a pocket camera and straight forward concept, Karolina recorded this video in the streets of Tel Aviv.

Smile 2 Me

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The Future of Storing Data

Here is an interesting article I found about storing data and research that is going on in this arena. It made me wonder, what would life be like if everyone began to store data like the man in the article has?

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Three Artist Websites/Blogs

Christian Holstad

Mark Weaver

Gaia Weise

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Media Blitz

I saw this article posted in a tweet about how the main reason why Lady Gaga became so famous so quickly is because of social media. What do you guys think about her rise to fame? Do you agree that it has a lot to do with prevalence social media in this day and age?


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Free @ New Museum

There is an exhibition at the New Museum right now about how the internet is influencing various aspects of our lives. It is called Free. Here is the online catalogue for it. I have not seen the exhibition yet, but I will definitely check it out very soon. The New Museum is free to the public every Thursday evening from 7-9pm.

19:30. Aleksandra Domanovic. New Museum.
19:30. Aleksandra Domanovic. New Museum.

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Online Identity

This guy is really breaking down online identity.

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A More Comprehensive Search

Here is a link to a website that combines search engines and tools to provide you with a more comprehensive understanding of how you exist online. It is called

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Individuals And Their Online Identities Map

click on image to see bigger and in full capacity

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Data Mining and How The Internet See’s You

This website is from the MIT Media Lab’s Social Media Group. It is meant to be a critique of data mining. You type in your full name and it searches online to see what information is connected to your name. It is kind of fun to try out and mess around with. I have been trying other peoples names because mine didn’t turn much up. Enjoy!

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