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Eternity in an instant: the moving images of david crawford

“Crawford’s microcosmic photographic studies of (mostly) people (mostly) riding on subways might initially seem like looping micro-films. But upon closer inspection, one realizes that the animations never actually loop. Imagine a slide projector tray filled with anywhere between three to eight slides. The projector displays these same slides infinitely, but always in random order. The projector also randomizes the duration each slide is displayed, anywhere from .03 seconds to .3 seconds (give or take a bit). Finally, all the slides in the tray are of the same subject, all photographed within a limited time frame (less than two minutes). This roughly approximates the mechanics of what Crawford has termed “algorithmic montage.” The result is a kind of stochastic motion study more akin to chronophotography than film; but with a distinct, non-linear twist.”

An essay on David Crawford’s “Stop Motion Studies” related to expanded space/time:

(Submitted by Curt Cloninger)

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