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one step at a time like this

Over the past year, one step at at a time like this, an Australian theatre/performance company, has been recreating and touring a pedestrian-based ipod work, en route. It’s intention – and audience response – is that it slows / extends time and creates a heightened sensory awareness in the participant. It’s a conscious attempt to use a tool which so often is employed to create a separation between the user and their environment, to create a slower, more reflective and engaged experience.

(Submitted by Julian Rickert)

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ART IN PROCESS, is an Australian /Austrian artist team that works on the intersection of installation, video, performance and live art with a special focus on creating work that requires audiences to listen and watch for longer periods of time. Most of their video installations are over 15 min in length. Performances play with slow movements to make aware of the fast world around us, about mass consumption and wastefulness, and about how globalization influences our way of living.

(Submitted by Bello Benischauer & Elisabeth M Eitelberger)

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The Slowly Project

The Slowly Project was born out of a reflection on the frenzy that constitutes the reality of contemporary life. Liuba is a performance artist who goes around the world to various cities performing a ‘slow motion’ in busy places thus attracting shocking responses from those around her. Slowness becomes a metaphor of a contrast between personal time and social time, between interiority and exteriority.

The Slowly Project – Take tour time – Moderna from vimeo

(Submitted by Liuba )

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