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Speed + Networks

Derek Hales is an Architect and has been a member of the RIBA since 1992. He is recognised for his work in digital media and artist-led research and development (R&D) in work supported by the Arts Council of England since 2001. Hales’ research interest is in different readings of simulacra and in fictional worlds of art, design and architecture. Between 2006-2008 Hales worked collaboratively with architects, digital design agencies, artists, musicians and filmmakers on publicly funded R&D projects in Future Media, Future Technologies and Futures Studies. Hales returned fully to his own research, studio practice and research supervision in 2009. As Principal Lecturer in Digital Media Design, Hales is subject leader in the field of digital photography, future cinema, animation, motion graphics, interactive fiction and electronic art. He is currently a research student at the London Consortium ( Birkbeck College, ICA, Architectural Association, Tate, Science Museum) on their interdisciplinary  Cultural Studies and the Humanities programme, where he is researching Design Fictions and the speculative culture of people doing strange things with electricity. He is interested in the topic of slowness and think that it is a timely moment to reconsider speed and networks.

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