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This body of work is an exploration, using Piezo technology of how cloth has the potential to evoke the memory of previous wearers and handlers. The human tendency to feel attachment to others by  touching and holding old garments  and  textile artifacts highlights the value of these objects – which are in themselves lifeless – as powerful absorbers and silent observers of life.

The viewer is invited to become part of the ongoing life of the work through the sense of touch.

By touching one of the representational artifacts the story behind it is revealed through the film.

Thus the viewer too becomes part of the story as their touch is held within the fibers of the piece.

This piece of work was created to promote reflection and consideration for the way we interact with clothing, each other and our environment. The technology was deliberately crafted from inexpensive piezos which acted as triggers to engage the viewer in the ‘story’ behind the artifact.

Below is  a link to the showtime page where one of the artifacts and its corresponding film can be viewed.

(Submitted by Tara Baoth Mooney)

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