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Geodesic Sound Helmets

Geodesic Sound Helmets is a series of interactive and immersive personal sound environments. This project is being produced in collaboration with Ben Landau (industrial designer, Melbourne), Eva Cheng (DSP & research engineer, Melbourne) and James Laird (technical advisor & engineer, Sydney). Geodesic Sound Helmets is supported by the City of Melbourne. The research behind the project, and some previous work (such as “Noise Cancellation: disrupting audio perception“) is about re-introducing people to environmental noises. I’m interested in how individuals isolate themselves with technologies like mp3 players or smartphones (eg. listening to music on public transport).

(Submitted by Cara-Ann Simpson)

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Measure of Discontent

Measure of Discontent: Sigh Collector is a home monitoring system that measures and ‘collects’ sighs. The result is a physical visualization of the amount of sighing, for personal use in a domestic environment.

The project is in two parts. The first part is a stationary unit, which inflates a large red air bladder upon receiving the appropriate signal. The second part is a mobile unit, worn by the user, which monitors breathing (via a chest strap) and communicates a signal to the stationary unit wirelessly when a sigh is detected.

Sigh Collector from Michael Kontopoulos on Vimeo.

Measure of Discontent: Pacing Track is a home monitoring system that measures and documents nervous pacing activity. The result is a physical visualization of the amount of pacing, for personal use in a domestic environment. The purpose is to visualize the distance traversed while engaged in measured, contemplative walking.

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Inner Forests

In “Inner Forests”, a user’s shadow is augmented and expanded by the gentle growth of trees and shrubs. The longer the user stands still, the more growth occurs. If the user moves, the growth disappears quickly.

While the notion of augmenting the human form through shadow has been widely explored in new media art, what strikes me often is the frequency with which the expectation of immediate feedback and instant gratification is rewarded. With this piece, I was interested in the concept of slow interactions, interactions that take patience and investment from the user; that develop a personal relationship between the user and their shadow rather than constructs an interface where the shadow is merely a tool.

Slow interaction rewards the user for personal investment over time.

Inner Forests from Michael Kontopoulos on Vimeo.

(Submitted by Michael Kontopoulos)

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Shadows and Falling Light

One of our recurring interests is interactive work that doesn’t react immediately to a participant’s presence. Its operation is simple: when standing still in front of the installations, your silhouette is slowly filled in with colour, merging with the silhouettes of the others who have stood there before you.

Quadratura Interactive Dance 03 from Quadratura on Vimeo.

(Submitted by Alex May)

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