2009: Talk @ Ignite NYC VI, Yahoo! Open Hack Day

February 18, 2010

In December, 2009, I was invited to speak at the Ignite NYC VI evening which took place as part of Yahoo! Open Hack Day. I challenged the highly connected audience with an invitation to disconnect and slow down in my talk “Time, Space, and Networks in the small Guatemalan village of San Lucas Toliman.” Below is a detailed description as well as documentation of the talk.

Since 2007, Lawson Jaramillo has been involved in an ongoing project through Parsons and The New School in which faculty travel to Guatemala each summer with teams of students to help small Mayan women’s artisan associations to create sustainable income-generating businesses through the sale of their products in global markets. In this talk she will focuses on how her work in one of the towns, San Lucas Tolimán, has been an invitation to slow down, to reconsider her spatial frameworks, and particularly, to question and challenge the good & the bad in our highly mediated networks.

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    interesting… cuando vuelves?

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